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Eagle-eye view: <br> the dashboard

Eagle-eye view:
the dashboard

Keep an eye on the progress of your business and all the fundamental aspects from a single screen. You will immediately know what to do first.

Leads and Clients management

Leads and Clients management

Easily manage both the relationships with your potential Clients and the personal data of each existing ones. Every aspect is at your fingertips, such as the status of payments, contracts, proposals and much more!

Dynamic generation of contracts

Dynamic generation of contracts

Configure a few intuitive parameters and you can dynamically generate your contracts, without having to edit documents with other software, save and PDFs or anything else. Everything is managed by COZY.
Chat in real time with the Client to discuss changes and agree on the final proposal. You can also send the contract to be signed electronically.
Want to upload your own document? Sure you can!

Payments made easy

Payments made easy

Easily manage the payments you receive from your Clients, set a recurrence and COZY will automatically generate all related invoices, including future ones.
You can easily report an outstanding payment to solicit overdue payments, all directly from the COZY platform.

Smart billing system

Smart billing system

Based on what is defined in the payments module, COZY generates all the invoices allowing you to have a detailed report of the expected income for the current month, but also of the past and future ones. You can also have a broader view by specifying time intervals.

Estimate your work <br> without guesswork

Estimate your work
without guesswork

COZY allows you to easily create estimates for your Clients, based on the time you need to complete a task. You can also add a fixed price for the whole project, if you prefer.
All you have to do is configure a few parameters that will also allow you to generate estimates based on the level of service you intend to offer. All completely customized to your needs.

Pricing management

Pricing management

Easily set the price of each of your products or services. This will help you better manage your negotiations, and COZY will reuse this information for dynamic proposal generation. You will still be able to take action for each specific case.

Forget no more

Forget no more

Thanks to COZY's reminder management, you will know what to do at all times. You will be able to have a daily list of tasks, possibly linked to clients or contracts so that you can manage relationships directly. Set a recurrence and let COZY notify you at the right time!

Support tickets

Support tickets

No more getting too many emails and messages from your Clients! COZY includes a convenient support ticket management system with integrated messaging and departments. You will be able to prioritize these and inform Clients in a few simple steps.

Dedicated customer portal

Dedicated customer portal

Each of your clients listed in COZY automatically receives code-protected access to a dedicated portal. They will be able to comment on and accept your proposals, open support tickets, and have any information related to them immediately available.

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